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  • De wedstrijden worden geroeid op een geballiseerde 6-ploegenbaan.
  • Voor de Martini Regatta bedraagt de baanlengte 2000 meter voor alle senioren en junioren 16 en 18 nummers.
  • Baanlengte voor overige categorieën bedraagt:
    Juniors 14 skiff 500 m
    Juniors 14 two and four1000 m
    Veterans 1000 m
    Adapted rowers 2000 m
    Former race teams 500 m
    Sprints 500 m
  • Due to weather conditions it may be decided to move buoys 1 to 6, for 2 to 7, or from 3 to 8. All teams will move in sequence of the draw to the higher starting place.
  • Standard starting positions:
  • Buoys in use
    2 XX
    3 XXX
    4 XXXX
    5 XXXXX
    6 XXXXXX
  • Violating any of the traffic rules is punished with a warning

Traffic rules during the races:

  • During the races, track 8 is used for traffic in the direction from finish to start. Teams continue to wait at the end of track 8 until the starter calls the teams to arrive at the floating pods. In any case, do not leave lane 8 left on your own initiative!
  • For warm up and cool down:
    • Warm up: lane 8 (rowing up lane). Once in the starting area, you should not leave it anymore. (You must therefore remain in the rowing up lane)
    • Cooldown: Between 250m. and 1500m in lane 5 and 6 it is allowed to row toward the finish lane. After 1500m point row back in lane 6 Please Note: Do this well before an approaching race; (bow towards the start) and lie in the oproeibaan silent!
  • Lane 7 is kept free!
  • Lane 0 and 4 is used for return boat with the referees
verkeer tijdens wedstrijden

Traffic rules during training

  • Training times begin immediately after the final finish and end a half hour before the start of the first race of the day.
  • During the training courses 0, 1, 2 and 3 are used for traffic in the direction from start to finish
  • The lanes 5, 6, 7 and 8 are used for traffic in the direction of finish to start
  • Lane 4 is always kept free.
verkeer tijdens training
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